Are You A Magic Maker?

Are You a Magic Maker? is a reminder to every child that they too can be a Magic Maker by seeking to find extraordinary in the ordinary, using their imaginations, being brave in the face of adversity, or learning something new. 

A Note From the Author

“Are You a Magic Maker?” was inspired by my youngest daughter whom we have called our “Magic Maker” from very early on in her life.  The story idea came about  by witnessing how she navigates life with joy, a positive attitude, and fearlessness.  I had so much fun thinking of ways in which children are able to make seemingly ordinary situations magical, simply by letting curiosity and imagination lead the way.” – Meg O’Keefe 

A Note From the Illustrator

“When I was in second grade, my teacher gave me my first box of oil pastels and a sketchbook. When creating illustrations for “Are You a Magic Maker?”, I tried to remember what it’s like to be back in second grade, drawing dinosaurs without a care in the world. It’s like my hand came alive all by itself and started creating images for this book.” – LaMont Russ