Monsters for Sale

Monsters for Sale teaches children that we all deserve to be loved and helps them to discover that who we are inside is always enough.

“Could she really love them for all that they were, with imperfect smiles, yellow nails, matted fur?”

Ask your child to look for 11 hidden lady bugs inside!

A Note From The Author:

“his book is about individuality and the importance of realizing true beauty comes from within. In a day and age where outward appearances seem to matter more and more, I want to encourage and remind every child that they are all uniquely special and they all deserve to be loved for who they are inside.

A Note From The Illustrator:

“My inspiration for Monsters came from growing up watching Sesame Street and seeing those “Monsters” were real people with real feelings. I wanted to convey that through the images of the Monsters in this book as they experienced not being accepted by other children, and then finally being loved by one girl. My inspiration for this character came directly from my niece, Izzy. She is a beautiful, funny little girl with her own sense of style (hence the multicolored outfit). Izzy is also biracial, which I thought was important for all children to be able to identify with. We are all different, but each and every one of us deserves to be loved.”

A Note from the Author